Automotive Industry Demolition Work

Redline Demolition provides the fastest and safest tooling and equipment removal available in the automotive industry. Performed during shutdowns, our experienced work crews run 24/7 clearing bays that are needed for new operations.

Whether the task is removing a single tool fixture, booth, conveyor or an entire body shop, our high-performance crews expedite their assignments safely and ahead of schedule.

There is no substitute for experience in the contracting end of the automotive industry. It takes trained eyes and skilled judgments to make correct decisions. Thousands of workers follow the demolition contractor on a model change. Redline Never Chokes.

Redline’s project management team, superintendents, foremen, and burners are the most experienced and well-trained work crews in the industry.

Trademarks of a Redline project are exceptional logistic planning, well-equipped work crews, experienced foremen, clear day and night shift objectives and trimmed out, broom swept work areas turned over on time.

Expedient resolution of open issues occurs before we leave the job site.

Schedules have tightened tenfold during the last twenty years making the performance at the start critical to the success of many projects.

Open the Throttle and Run at the Redline.